Throughout his career, Ireland's gastronomical genius, Kevin Thornton, has never failed to surprise and delight.  His latest venture, 25X4 Autumn is yet another example that takes our senses on a wonderful culinary journey. 

Created by Kevin Thornton in celebration of the 25 year anniversary of Thornton's Restaurant, 25X4 Autumn is the first in a unique series of 4 albums, (each album will represent a season) personally recorded and produced by Kevin and Muriel Thornton. 
Presented in the unique format of a vinyl pressing, the album offers an insight into Kevin's brilliantly creative mind and the training and inspiration
behind some of his iconic dishes.  The gatefold album comes with a downloadable code and also contains a 12-page booklet featuring some
of these recipes.
Recorded 'a la minute', Kevin shares his love for nature and gives the listener a unique insight into his love of and pride in, the bountiful resources of Ireland's natural landscape that help create his masterful dishes.